Resize, Rename

ImageBulb provides batch processing of images for websites, appraisals, certifications, email, TV EPG's.

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Getting Started

Keys Software
Richard Keys

A lot of people have come to me for batch image processing with various needs. I have tried to produce a tool that most of my friends can use.

ImageBulb will batch process large numbers of image files doing the following:

Resizing according to several rules. Multiple sizes can be created in one batch.
Selecting procesing rules according to filename.
Filling in surrounding space with solid color or provided slice images.
Placing logos or other images over the corners or other areas.
Placing watermarks over the images.
Placing text such as copyright statements or URL's over the images.

To get started, download from here. When ImageBulb starts, click the "Help" menu item. You'll find the documentation there.

I hope you have fun with ImageBulb

Rick Keys